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Bumbumz has evolved over time from nappy cakes only, to what it is now….

Essentially!!! Comfort, Safety and Style!!

It’s all about Baby and Mum being comfortable in a safe environment yet with style.

Items manufactured are all a necessity and not a luxury.

It all began when our sons were babies and those cold winter 2am shifts for feeding would make me bring them to bed to feed.  Inevitably I would feed the baby and then doze off which was a scary situation and at the back of my mind was always the thought …” what if I or my husband roll over this baby”.  I was so scared of this, that it bordered on paranoia as I would even tap him and say” be careful the baby is in bed feeding.

So, when my grandees were born and I saw a baby nest and immediately got to work making it so that my daughters-in-law did not go through the same fear I had at their stage.

I also made the infant car seat cover which I felt was just the answer for when they are out and about. They are most useful for baby and mummy.  The Velcro straps and drawstring allows for a hugging fit and protection from the wind, sun and nosey people.   It also makes an ideal sunshield when baby is in the car.

So, when friends and family came across my daughters in law using these items they would enquire where they bought them.  In turn they were directed to me and so our business was born……

Our range is ever growing as we discover needs that mumz and babies have.

We now manufacture Baby loungers.  These are a MUST for any baby who has reflux as it keeps them propped up enough not to fall forward and just enough to stop the reflux.

Arm pillows are another mummy essential.  Made from 100% cotton. Use the arm pillow when feeding as baby can become uncomfortable cradled in your arm. It’s easy to just slip on and give baby’s head just enough cushion to feed.

My grandees are growing up beautifully and my daughters in law are just the best mumz ever.  They give me ideas and positive criticism which has been invaluable.  My husband Gavin, and our 3 sons have also taken a keen interest and supported my dream.  Their support, inspiration and encouragement has been an integral part of Bumbumz.

I thank God daily for the ability He has given me and for my wonderful family.